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Tuesday 30 April 2019

15:00 (EST) - 45MINS

Keep your Data Safe: Preventing A Data Breach

Although a data breach can be the result of an innocent mistake, real damage is possible if the person with unauthorized access steals and sells corporate intellectual data for financial gain or to cause harm. Malicious actors tend to follow a basic pattern, as targeting an organization for a breach takes planning.

A data breach can have a devastating effect on an organization's reputation and financial bottom line. 

Our webinar goal is to educated you on the dangers of a data breach. Understanding how and why data breaches happen is a first line of defense.

  • Provide Training on Security Awareness
  • Invest in the Right Security Technology
  • Comply with Data Protection Regulations
  • Perform regular vulnerability assessments
  • BC / DR Plan - Develop a Data Breach Response Plan
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