4 Steps Towards Better IT Solutions for Your Home Office

Functioning and secure remote solutions while working from home are paramount to maintaining successful business operations. Here are steps to keep you on track. 

Many companies are currently establishing work from home protocols or already have implemented them to keep their employees and customers safe and operations running. Like every big change, working remotely comes with some unexpected obstacles and surprises that make it harder to keep up the flow: technological issues, unfamiliarity with new programs or hardware, security problems, and many more can put a rapid halt to your smooth sailing.

Here are our tips and tricks from an IT perspective. 

Provide Training 

Especially for employees who are less exposed to digital technologies on a daily basis, the transition to a remote workplace can be tough, but even for digital natives, a complete shift to remote protocols isn’t easy. To ensure success, it’s important to provide proper training for all employees. Resources can be found online in the form of video tutorials, FAQs, blogs, or step-by-step instruction manuals. 

Implement Help Desk Support Points 

 IT helpdesks have a bit of a reputation: Hello, IT. Have you tried turning it off and on again?” There might be a kernel of truth in the legendary tagline from the series “IT Crowd, but it doesn’t frame well the complex situation we’re experiencing right now. People are faced with tough IT issues in their literal homes. Should their regular go to resources (“Just google it!”) failemployees need to have a reliable source to turn to with their issues to help them resolve an problem fast. This can be an internal touch point within your company like a team manager. Bigger topics (Cloud Migration, IT Security) might require professional support.  

Information Stream 

Proper IT support depends on great communication. Whether it’s a major system update, a new digital platform, or a mandatory security patch to fix a bug – you want to keep the information flowing in order to prevent security breaches, data loss, and continuous workflows.  

Make the Best of Innovation 

Although it might seem forced, the amount of change coming at us right now bears the potential for useful and lasting innovations. Keeping track of what new technologies are being released every week gives you the chance to look out for better solutions that fit your requirements more accurately. After all, who would have thought that half the world would be using a virtual conference tool that makes your living room look like the Niagara Falls two months ago? 

Need truly stress-free IT? 

If you have questions, Grip IT is here for you. Our experienced helpdesk specialists take care of your concerns and help make home office work for you.  

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