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BYOD Security and Home Office

Although we’ve already touched on the importance of proper BYOD implementation in some of our past blogs on BYOD Policy and Home Office Cyber Security, the recent CoViD outbreak has added more urgency to the topic. Here’s a refresher on what you should look out for.  Set the Rules  BYOD (Bring your own device) has been a common practice at least since mobile phones ... Read more

4 Steps Towards Better IT Solutions for Your Home Office

Functioning and secure remote solutions while working from home are paramount to maintaining successful business operations. Here are steps to keep you on track.  Many companies are currently establishing work from home protocols or already have implemented them to keep their employees and customers safe and operations running. Like every big change, working remotely comes with some unexpected obstacles and surprises that make it ... Read more

How to Amp Up Your Home Office Cyber Security

It’s unfortunate, but true: every crisis comes with its own wave of people trying to scam other people. As the methods are becoming more and more elaborate, one starts to wonder (besides what would happen if scammers used their talents for legit stuff):  How can I protect my private and corporate I.T. systems?   Searching for Weaknesses  Change is a process. As ... Read more

5 Ways You Can Save on Your Cloud Computing Costs

In the last few years, cloud adoption has witnessed a steep growth. Many enterprises feel that cloud computing is an attractive alternative to the operating and maintenance problems experienced with on-premise computing.

7 Questions to Ask Internally Before Cloud Migration Project

Finally, you’ve decided to move to the cloud. There are several reasons to switch — the promise of cost-savings, scalability, flexibility, etc. — but you must have an efficient strategy in place that sets you up for cloud success. Here’s a list of questions that can help you plan well before you step into the ... Read more

Network Audits: What Are They and Why Your Company Needs One?

From local start-ups to large corporations, everyone relies extensively on I.T. networks. You’ll be surprised to learn that despite playing a critical role in your everyday business operations, most companies overlook their network requirements.

How to Have A Zero Trust Security Model?

2019 could be in the record books for the number of cyber crimes that took place. There were constant headlines of ransomware, malware, trojans and phishing incidents. The businesses of all sizes suffered severely.

Cloud Best Practices for Success in 2020

Moving to the cloud is the single most significant technology shift your company should be preparing for in 2020. However, your company must proceed with caution.

4 Ways to Secure APIs in a Multi-cloud World

Most software used today live online using application programming interfaces, or APIs. It helps in ingesting and exposing data and staying updated — in short, helping us to work more effectively.

How Not to Pay the High Price of Ransomware?

Ransomware is a huge and growing problem for organizations. It’s like kidnapping. The bad actors encrypt your company’s data to bring down the IT infrastructure and the associated operations.

3 Things to Consider in Your BYOD Policy

Are your employees working on their personal devices? If yes, then your organization needs an airtight BYOD policy that is right — both for you and your employees.

Standardize Your I.T. to Improve Performance of Your Business

Standardization has always been a norm in an office setting. Consider your workplace for a moment. Your filing system, the setup of employee cubicles, the office phone systems – all might be the same. But, can the same thing be said about your Information Technology environment as well?

4 Tips for Choosing a Third-party Vendor

We have already discussed the risks of third-party vendors. However, it is something which is becoming quite crucial to your business success. No matter the challenges, outsourcing services through experienced third-party vendors allows you to:

Vendor Management: What are the Different Third-party Vendor Risks?

For any business, it is crucial to determine three things – time, money and risks. However, if we look at the current structure, companies increasingly don’t go alone. From suppliers to software and resourcing needs, we are witnessing the rise of extended enterprises.

Why GDPR Compliance is Important to your Cybersecurity Strategy?

As information crosses international borders at an unprecedented rate, privacy and security of data remain one of the top concerns for Canadian businesses.  We have been discussing PIPEDA lately and how domestic data protection laws have been dictating data collection, storage, usage and management by businesses in the country. However, despite many attempts to protect ... Read more

When Should You Choose a Canadian Data Center?

Many Canadian businesses are turning to the cloud for their data hosting needs, but it’s important to remember that “the cloud” is made possible by a data center – and the physical location of that data center has important implications.

Cybercrime & Your Business – What you need to know

Cybercrime is one of the largest threats facing business owners today. Each year, about 60% of small businesses are hacked or experience some type of cyber threat that seeks to steal their sensitive information.

How to successfully perform a SMB Data Migration

Data Migration Strategy & Guide – Data migation is not that difficult – just takes more planning then panic! If you’re preparing to replace or upgrade servers, conduct server maintenance, or relocate to a data center, following a data migration plan can streamline the process. Without one, there’s a high risk that, during the process ... Read more

Choosing the Best Power Protection

It’s been said that there are two types of computer users: those who have lost data because of a power problem, and those who are going to. Power failure and power surges are responsible for almost half of all data loss occurrences. Fortunately, it is relatively simple and inexpensive to protect against power problems. This ... Read more

What Happens When A Disaster Strikes Your Business?

Last week we discussed the importance of building and developing a full coverage Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).  Choosing to collocate your data to a data center should be your next step. There are many benefits of choosing to collocate company data, the main one would be to help facilitate the DRP.

Everything You need to Know about I.T. Relocations

Relocation is often the result of a company’s expansion or the end of its current lease. An expanding business isn’t a bad thing. However, once a business begins to grow, more office space is often needed. Whether you’re moving from a home office to a new workspace or relocating from one commercial building to another, ... Read more