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Not All MSP's Are Created Equal

GRIP I.T. knows that for Managed Service to make sense for your business, the benefits in costs and value must outweigh the financial aspects.

What some businesses forget is that there can be costs that extend beyond the financial. GRIP I.T. asks: what is the cost of downtime should your IT resource be away? What kind of impact will this have on your business?

Viewed this way, costs go beyond the salary of the IT employee. IT employee absence can add up quickly… salary, healthcare benefits, training, tools, recruiting time, vacation time, taxes and overtime all factor into the costs of providing IT services.


A Managed Service Provider can add greater value than an employee:

  • Coverage
    Your MSP can provide continual coverage. On the other hand, if your IT administrator decides to give you two weeks’ notice, what happens? How long will it take to recruit, hire and train a new IT resource? How long will it be until that new administrator is productive?
  • Hours 
    Your MSP has 24/7 availability. Will the IT administrator be available day and night? What happens if an urgent issue arises and the administrator is not available?
  • Tools
    Your MSP has a full tool box of software and hardware at his disposal. What tools does the server administrator need to do his or her job? How much does the company pay to keep those tools current? How much time does IT organization have to invest in learning to use tools?
  • Hardware
    Your MSP stays current with the latest hardware technology. What kind of hardware does the administrator use to do his or her job? What kind of capital expenditures have already been sunk, and what kind of costs are upcoming for technology refresh?

Benefits of Outsourced IT GTA Service:

As part of leading IT companies – GTA we understand which businesses need what type of IT services as no one business is alike. Therefore, we are able to create tailor made solutions for all kinds of business.

  • Service Design
  • Service & Security Analysis
  • IT Service Operations
  • Configurations Services and Support
  • Network Setup, Services, and Support
  • Recommendations, Guidance and Staff training
  • Firewall Setup, Installation and Monitoring
  • Server Installation, Administration and Monitoring
  • Onsite Monitoring

Outsourcing your IT issues to our experienced consultants & support technicians creates a carefree technological environment which allows your employees to focus on daily business functions.