Unclog Your Inbox and Protect Your Email

Simple and Effective Spam Filtering. GRIP I.T.‘s spam filtering can make unsolicited email a thing of the past and help you preserve your email as a productive tool. Perimeter level scanning of email for viruses additionally ensures that nothing malicious can make its way onto your network.

Our email spam filtering system costs only dollars a month per mailbox and includes the following features:


Prevent most spam from even hitting your network, much less your inbox. The blacklist check will test a mail server I.P. address against over 100 DNS based email blacklists. This helps in preventing a mail from blacklisted server to be delivered in your inbox. 

White Listing

Have you ever waited over on an email, gotten frustrated just to realize that it landed in the wrong tab? Ensure proper delivery of emails to your inbox with a handy hack that makes your inbox more efficient. Add legitimate senders to your white list to get them approved as safe senders. 

Virus Scanning

Your operating systems are exposed to cybersecurity threats every time you open an email or download an attachment. Prevent infections on your network with automatic scanning for viruses.   

Spam Statistics

Spam is a huge issue for email users, wasting half of your time trying to filter the right emails from the spams. But with the evolution of anti-spam filters, we're trying to solve some issues. With spam statistics, see how effective your filter is — learn how many emails got spammed. 

Database Updates

No matter how big and comprehensive your database is, we make sure it's updated every 24hours to keep up with the latest spam filters. Our software services can identify redundancies and fix issues for accuracy and speed. 

Bayesian Filtering

With Bayesian Filtering, you get accurate results. It is based on Bayes rule, a statistical theorem that gives you the probability of an event. The filter is used to give you the likelihood that a certain email is spam. 

Email Failover

Ensure the secure delivery of your most important messages. It is active 24/7 and 365 days a week, ready to catch any mail that can't be delivered. Never experience the frustration of not receiving or sending emails again when there is a server, connectivity or network issue. 

Reputation Enabled Defense

Checks the domain of the sender to ensure your inbox remains safe. GRIP I.T. offers web reputation defence as a fully integrated security to emails, protecting users from malicious emails, while dramatically reducing web processing overhead. 

Email Spam Filtering Services for High Detection Rates 

There are several factors that we look for when finding a spam filtering service. Naturally, a high spam detection rate comes at the top of the list, followed by a user-friendly approach. These factors are important, without which finding an acceptable spam threshold can be difficult. However, no two businesses operate in the same way. This means you need to analyze your motives before implementing an email filtering service.

GRIP I.T.‘s email failover service ensures that if your mail server experiences an outage, your incoming email will be queued up on our secure mail backup server. Once your mail server is back online, the queued email will start flowing to your mail server again. This helps prevent loss of email or “server not found” bounce back messages being received by people who send you mail.

Spam filtering and Email Failover keeps your mail clean and flowing and can be implemented almost instantly

GRIP I.T.’s certified system integrators and project management teams take the hassle out of working with multiple vendors, domain hassles and co-ordination annoyances to deliver a fluid, transparent mail delivery system.


Over 150 Billion Spam Messages Are Sent Daily.

90% Of All Email Is Spam.

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