Accelerating Business With Agile Web Hosting

One of the most important features of today’s modern business is a fully functional and dynamic website. At GRIP I.T., we can host your site for you or, if you have your own server, we can assist you in hosting the site yourself.

Dedicated Servers

Get the performance, flexibility, scalability and security in a dedicated single-tenant server environment for your complex applications. We can also help to virtualize your dedicated environment for greater agility and better cost-performance. 

Optimize Your Costs 

Enable your hybrid I.T. strategy — combine managed hosting services from GRIP I.T. and cloud to help you get the most of your I.T. investment. Ensure right infrastructure for your applications for improved performance, availability and security. 

Security Commitment 

We take security concerns seriously. Our servers provide you with enhanced security features, firewalls, and intrusion detection with secured and free hosting solutions. It also comes with encrypting SSL certificate for enhanced protection. 

Complete Backups 

GRIP I.T.’s web hosting plans come with the option of cloud backup and other add-on services. You can rest easy knowing your data isn’t going anywhere in the event of a disaster, and you decide how long you’d like to keep your backups on file.

Website Monitoring 

Our monitoring service ensures that your website is being monitored 24/7. If any issue arises, a ticket automatically goes to our support engineers for resolution. Rest assured, your site is in good hands. 

Simplified Management  

Get a web hosting control with a user-friendly interface and a vast collection of website management tools. We make managing all facets of your website easy, from DNS, email, FTP accounts, to database management. 

Leverage GRIP I.T.'s Experienced Web Hosting Services

Regardless of what your type of business, we have a wide variety of tools to implement your web site and assure your site is secure for your customers. We've a team of experts that help provide you the right managed hosting services for your infrastructure. We guarantee our web hosting services will render you enhanced performance, control and security. This makes single-tenant dedicated hosting environments ideal for mission-critical and I/O-intensive applications — all this along with 24x7x365 support.  


Experience the Difference of Expert Managed Hosting 

I.T. cannot just work on its own. We give you comprehensive expertise as a managed dedicated hosting provider, so you can perform the essential tasks that were once beyond your capability. We make sure that you get the most value out of your I.T. investment and hosting environment

Deploy a Cloud Server or two in minutes. Take the afternoon off.

More companies are turning to off-site data centres for an efficient, cost-effective alternative to owning and operating infrastructure that increases demands on I.T. resources. Not all applications are built for cloud. A managed hosting solution is a perfect alternative. Our team gives you the technology and the skills to manage your infrastructure — allowing your I.T. department to focus on business priorities. 

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