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What you can do to Protect Your Business?

At GRIP I.T., we can help you protect your business and reputation.

As a business owner, you know it is vital to protect your business’s reputation – especially when your customer’s privacy is involved. GRIP I.T. can help you securely protect your IT’s sensitive information and your company’s trusted reputation.

GRIP I.T. offers:

  • Security Assessments
  • Annual IT policy reviews for user access & authentication, encryption of all passwords, and BYOD
  • Public facing access on separate network /server
  • Proactive monitoring of infrastructure
Why has there been an increase in security risks?
  • Complexity of the network/internet – it’s difficult to keep up to date
  • Predominately Windows OS – allows for automated exploitation by cybercrime
  • MS business applications – popular cybercrime targets
  • Public facing web-site – combined with poor network configuration
  • Leaking perimeter – weak or incorrectly configured IT policies
  • Wireless users – not secured by passwords or encryption
  • Understaffed IT – not enough time to keep current and proactively monitor systems
  • Inadequate security training/experience – staff just don’t know what to do
Top security Threats to Business
  • Automated exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Malicious emails
  • Unauthorized or inappropriate web surfing
  • Data loss on portable devices
  • Unsecured Wi-Fi spots
  • Poor network configuration, weak IT policies
  • Insider attacks
  • Malicious or deceptive downloads
  • What can you do to protect Your Business and Reputation?
Security Assessment
  • Annually reviewing IT policies for user access & authentication
  • Encrypting all passwords and BYOD
  • Placing public facing access on separate network /server
  • Proactively monitoring infrastructure
Why the increase in security risks?
  • Complexity of the network/internet – it’s difficult to keep up to date
  • Predominately Windows OS – automated exploitation by cybercrime
  • MS business applications – cybercrime targets
  • Public facing web-site – poor network configuration
  • Leaking perimeter – IT policies weak or incorrectly set-up
  • Wireless users – not secure
  • Understaffed IT – no time to keep current or to proactively monitor
  • Inadequate security training/experience

Protect Yourself From Hackers & Intruders!

Information Security Assessments and Penetration Tests are an important part of an effective cyber-security strategy because they provide the opportunity to discover and address potentially critical vulnerabilities throughout the network. We ensure security assessments and tests are conducted periodically and findings addressed promptly.


Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

Once we understand your current situation and challenges, we may recommend any or all of the following services:


Non-intrusive scans of your public-facing infrastructure and/or internal servers to discover vulnerabilities.


Scans of servers, desktops, and laptops to discover operating system and application software that may require updates


Ethical hacking of your network and facilities using aggressive tactics similar to those that real attackers use


A comprehensive review of your facilities, operations, policies, hardware, and software to discover weaknesses and to prioritize cyber-security efforts.

Partnering with GRIP I.T. to test your network is a proactive effort to protecting your network and business from risks before attacks or security breaches occur


Intelligently contain and remove any vulnerabilities


Avoid the cost of business downtime due to a foreign or internal threat


Meet industry security & compliance requirements and avoid fines


Preserve corporate image and customer assurance

A Few Questions?

What is the business impact of not being prepared for an unauthorized intrusion?

Security breaches and any related interruptions in the performance of services or applications, can result in direct financial losses, threaten organizations’ reputations, erode customer loyalties, attract negative press, and trigger significant fines and penalties.

How can I stay protected – is it possible to safeguard all information, all the time?

Traditionally, organizations have sought to prevent breaches by installing and maintaining layers of defensive security mechanisms, including user access controls, cryptography, IPS, IDS and firewalls.

However, continued adoption of new technologies, including some of these security systems, has made it even harder to find and eliminate all of an organizations’ vulnerabilities and protect against many types of potential security incidents.

So what exactly are you going to be doing?

Pen-testing evaluates an organization’s ability to protect its networks, applications, endpoints and users from external or internal attempts to circumvent its security controls to gain unauthorized or privileged access to protected assets.

How often should we perform a PEN test?

Penetration testing should be performed on a regular basis to ensure more consistent IT and network security management. A pen-tester will reveal how newly discovered threats or emerging vulnerabilities may potentially be assailed by attackers. In addition to regularly scheduled analysis and assessments required by regulatory mandates, tests should also be run whenever:

  • New network infrastructure or applications are added
  • Significant upgrades or modifications are applied to infrastructure or applications
  • New office locations are established
  • Security patches are applied
  • End user policies are modified

Only 24% of Canadian companies use digital IDs and certificates.

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