Network Audits: What Are They and Why Your Company Needs One?

network audit 1From local start-ups to large corporations, everyone relies extensively on I.T. networks. You’ll be surprised to learn that despite playing a critical role in your everyday business operations, most companies overlook their network requirements.

Your network ensures the security and productivity of your organization. Periodic network audits help in finding and diagnosing internal and external security threats. Plus, they can determine the productivity of a company’s I.T. infrastructure. You can request for assessment of your cybersecurity measures and evaluate your network assets to identify potential threats.

Network audits present preventive measures and ensures the safety of the valuable data stored in your business network. Let’s understand in detail what network audits are and what benefits it holds for your company.

What Is a Network Audit?

A network audit evaluates your company’s I.T. infrastructure and assesses your network’s impact on productivity, performance, management and processes. The information obtained in an audit helps in creating a detailed report that further supports improving the efficiency of your system.

Throughout the year, many new programs or hardware are added to your business network. Performing a network assessment yearly or whenever you undergo a significant network change provides an insight into your system, helping you catch under- or over-utilized resources.

A network audit also evaluates your business’ network for both internal and external security threats. It reviews several parts of your system, including physical setup, computer hardware and installed software, apps and other programs. Once the potential risks are uncovered, you can patch up any unsecured parts of your network.

Benefits of Regular Network Audits

Discover Network Inefficiencies

You may focus more on security issues, but a network audit also uncovers efficiency errors. These problems can bring your business to a standstill and, once resolved, can result in an influx of backlogged emails. A network audit can provide a smart course of action for you in advance.

Detect Hardware Issues

Your servers and workstations can work for years if they’re taken care of. However, they can fail instantly for one small failure. This can put your operations on hold and lead to delays in fulfilling orders, signing new contracts and impede business operations. With hardware inspections, you can reveal issues in real-time before they become a major problem.

Determine Security Vulnerabilities

Cybersecurity is one of the most critical factors in today’s world. Your customers share a lot of information with your business, while your business assembles storage and data. Security is usually the first consideration for network audits for most of the companies. Network engineers inspect for different security vulnerabilities. Catching these risks on time offers substantial returns. It prevents the loss of sensitive data and could curb potential data breach.

Get Remediation Solutions

Network Audits offer a list of recommendations. The solutions usually detail remediation plans for any detected issues, such as network errors, old hardware or security vulnerabilities. Your audit provider can also offer to deliver the necessary patches. For example, at GRIP I.T. we help you with the replacement of old equipment and provide help with optimal performance and protection of your network.

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