4 Benefits of Cloud Virtualization Technology to Increase Business Agility

cloud virtualization technology

The IT landscape is becoming increasingly complex. The user demand is changing, and the way IT is developing and delivering application is mostly based on user requirements. But can virtualization be the answer to the snowballing business demands?

As the quantity and variety of user-end devices multiply, you’ll find technology experts slowly moving to a Post-Windows world. Technology convergence is not restricted to data centers, and the vendors are complying with user calls of “getting more from their mobile devices.”

In this era, most IT professionals can be seen promoting cloud virtualization technology. The general idea is–it can make traditional computing more scalable, economical and efficient. It can help customers maximize the resources and reduce the physical systems in need.

Let’s analyze this concept in further detail to understand how cloud virtualization technology can help businesses grow in the contemporary IT ecosystem.

Advantages of Cloud Virtualization Technology

advanatges of cloud virtualization

Organizations perfectly recognize that the modern world is all about business enablement, and virtualization in cloud computing seems like an excellent tool for it. The idea of running multiple virtual computers inside a single machine is both absorbing and exciting.

In fact, in the words of VMware CEO Paul Maritz “Customers want to enable greater business agility and improve efficiency.” Here’s how cloud virtualization can help in augmenting the productivity and capabilities of your business.

Operational Efficiency: Cloud virtualization tools help businesses to remain nimbler. These tools are engineered to ease the burden of managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure. Virtualization promotes automation, promoting organizational efficiency and more significant business agility. Various tools are available for smooth migration of private cloud into public cloud, performance configuration, automating the provision of resources to service units based on user demands.

Reduce Spending: If your company has less than 1,000 employees, you may be spending 40% of your IT budget on hardware. Virtualization technology requires a fewer server and help in extending life of the existing hardware, hence reducing energy costs, maintenance costs and wastage of resources. If you function in a capital expense (CapEx) model and are interested in optimizing the way your business uses computing hardware–virtualization provides the best approach.

Avoid System Failures: Businesses are prepared to tolerate few glitches and crash downs, but it’s not feasible if your developer is working on a critical application, which needs to be finished immediately. Virtualization helps you get to the same workflow on a different device. It enables you to store and backup your data on the cloud and gains access to another device. Dual servers work in unison for easy data access.

Flexible Transfer of Data: Data can be transferred and retrieved anytime on the virtual server. From the end user perspective; a great deal of time is wasted in searching various hard drives which hold data when working on multiple machines. However, with cloud virtualization technology, files are centrally located and have full management abilities from the allotted authorities. There is no limit to transferring of data, and additional storage can be sought at low costs.

Can your Business Benefit from Virtualization?

If you are wondering whether cloud virtualization technology is the right solution for your company or unsure if it would integrate with your existing systems or not, GRIP I.T can help you determine the benefits to your organization.

With us, you can enjoy the benefits of shared storage, even if you don’t have shared storage hardware. We work with VMware vSphere Storage Appliance (VSA), which is a software-based shared storage solution that enables high availability and automation capabilities of vSphere without the requirement of shared storage hardware.

With GRIP I.T, you can now enjoy scalability and security at the most affordable costs of migrating to a virtual private cloud. If you have any queries, please feel free to get in touch with us.