3 Reasons Why Canadian Businesses Should Choose a Canadian Data Center


Many Canadian businesses are moving to cloud services to make use of the flexibility, ease of access, and lower cost of operation provided by third-party data hosting.  

However, it’s important to consider where the physical data center hosting your files is located.  For Canadian businesses, it’s tempting to choose a provider who likely makes use of data centers located on US soil – but this is not always the best choice.  

We give you three important reasons why Canadian businesses benefit from a Canadian data center 

  • Simplified compliance with privacy regulations  
  • More responsive access and support  
  • Higher operational Efficiency  


Canadian Privacy Act – PIPEDA giving Edge to Datacenters    

Canadian privacy laws 

When you use a data center located in Canada, you can expect easier compliance with federal and provincial regulations.    

In fact, PIPEDA – the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act which protects consumer data across the country gives an edge to businesses. Canadian law allows organizations to collect personal information on grounds that they must solemnly manage and protect the data.   

In fact, data custody makes Canada all-the-more attractive as it leads to accountability. Most large companies co-locate with a global customer base.   

Understandably, they prefer the classified approach contrasting to the USA Patriot Act where the government can directly access the sensitive information.   


Quicker Data Transfer and More Responsive Customer Support   


Canadian data centers have the additional benefit of providing quicker file access and website load times to their Canadian clients and users – a benefit of proximity.  

And when you need expert support and advice on regulations around the transfer and storage of your company’s data, Canadian providers typically possess the best knowledge of the provincial and federal regulations that apply to your industry, providing you have compliant enterprise services whether you are in health care, legal, manufacturing, finance, or any other business entrusted with sensitive data and personal information.  


More Reliability and Higher Operational Efficiency   


There is a significant amount of heat generated by semiconductors, and much of the associated running costs can be owed to the cooling process.  

However, Canadian datacenter services utilize “free cooling”- an additional cooling circuit that employs outdoor air and replaces the energy-intensive components of the cooling system.   

Moreover, Canada offers lower energy costs with affordable, clean and trustworthy energy sources to support the high-power running facilities. You typically find lower   utility, labour and property costs associated with Datacenter and racking space with Canadian Providers.   

In comparison operational costs are quite high in the USA data centers. As a result, Canadian data centers give tangible benefit to their clients, along with easier compliance, superior infrastructure, and responsive customer support.   

There are additional incentives with tax breaks, financing and research grants provided by federal and provincial governments contributing to higher operational efficiency.   


Partner with GRIP I.T.  


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