Plan Ahead: Preventing a Business Disaster

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery

What do you do when an employee clicks on an email or link that has a virus – do you have a plan?  Unfortunately, that is the reality which effects many companies.  How much time can your organization afford downtime?  The two most precious commodity is time and money which no company can afford to lose and how can you put a price on which applications are more of a valuable to restore as soon as possible.

How are you storing your data and which platform does your company use?

Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery


Storing data in cloud should be highly considered especially for SMB Market, besides being cost-effective, stress-free regarding security, theft, loosing physical data and able to access your data anywhere/anytime.  Since data is stored in the cloud, employees would be able to continue to work as the downtime would minimum.

There are some economical and traditional method to backing up data which are USB Flash Drive, external/Portable hard drive or CD/DVD disc. Even though it may be cheaper but there is a lot at risk such as durability, theft, misplacing or over heating.

Now the concern begins, if your server has gone down, deadline is approaching, your team cannot afford to be down, who is responsible to locate the external backup device, what is the estimated time duration to get running again?  Going back on storing data in the cloud, employees can access and log on to Grip IT’s data center and continue working with minimum disruption.  Even though the initial cost for Cloud is slightly higher than using external method, in the long run the downtime will be very little and most important business can continue.

Does your company have a plan if a man made error or natural disaster occurs and is it critical to have a plan?  The answer to both questions must be a yes because Business Continuity is very important for any organization because a procedure and process must be put in place to make sure during any critical situations the downtime is minimum and employees are able to continue to work.  Having your data stored in the cloud eliminates any miscommunication, procedure can be followed and company will be impacted at very minimum.

What procedure does your company have in placed in case of any disaster?

Disaster Recovery is a plan that is put together by the organization that they will define and dictate which applications are priority, understand the network and what functions need to be running ASAP in a business critical disaster. There will also be a step by step on how to resume operations after any disaster whether is man-made or natural.

Grip IT has its own Tier 3 certified Data Center located, operated locally and your company’s confidential data will not cross into US or any other countries soil.

Grip IT has certified tech’s that will manage your data onsite and advantage of being a local MSP provider if any issues arise our technicians log on offsite and resolve any glitches.


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