Elixir Marketing LLC

Technology Designed for a purpose


When this Woodbridge-based creative powerhouse began its partnership with GRIP I.T., there were significant network issues at hand. The business team worked on a Windows environment, while the creative team had MAC OSxOur key objective was to integratboth into the domain, while allowing full access to the data repository. Additionally, the organization wanted to improve the reliability and security of their network. As the agency grew so did their needs, we focused on providing a plethora of solutions from the perimeter down to the desk of the team members.  


Our discussions converged on how to maximize IT budget spent. The focus was to move away from "one-sizefits-all." We identified how overly complex systems were hampering the capabilities of the agency. Our team brought in suggestions to add value, make workflow more efficient and provide rapid deployment to resolve technical problems. As a result, we were able to design solutions that matched their business requirements during their growth phase.  

Storage Storage & More Storage  

As a creative powerhouse, they needed a large silo to store their files, creative content and IP of clients. They needed assurance that all various operating systems were able to access the files, and have a proper BC/DR plan in place incase of a data corruption / failure.  

 Exchange Migration 

Elixir is an email heavy agency, with internal resources and clients relying on heavily on Outlook, they hosted their own Exchange onsite, while relying on GRIP Cloud Solutions to host the automated archive for 60 days.  

 Uptime is Paramount 

Failure to plan, is a plan waiting to fail. We provided multiple layers of redundancy & security to ensure that the team could focus on building the best creative. The network was trusted with a WatchGuard appliance to protect against attacks from internal and external factors. An additional internet line was brought into to keep uptime for mail & data delivery. Our agents were installed on all endpoints & server to allow for a rapid solutions delivery for any technical issues that arose.  


Managed Services 

Hardware procurement 


VCIO Consulting  

BC / DR Planning 

Managed Firewall 

PEN Testing 

VoIP Telephony 

Cloud Hosting 



With an upgraded BC/DR, firewall and new internet circuits, the creative agency now had consistent access to their data & mail when and wherever they need it. Furthermore, our full solutions delivery of managed backup, support services and VoIP telephony provide Elixir a sense of security if something should ever go wrong. This peace of mind allowed the agency to focus more time and energy on developing creative treatments and spending less effort managing their network infrastructure