Gene News

Keeping the Health Records Secure – Locally & In the Cloud 


As an established bio science research companyGene News initially sought out Grip I.T. for help implementing industry compliance with PIPEDA & HIPPA. 

The Initial project was to secure their Information Systems & infrastructure to industry standards; initially tasked as an external auditor, GRIP I.T. implemented various changes to mitigate data loss. As the research firm grew in scale and in internal resources, GRIP I.T. was tasked with additional projects such as application development, managed services solutions & ERP support.  

Partnering with Gene News, one of the biggest challenges was crafting solutions while navigating the various hurdles; financial & business objectives, US & Canadian data laws. Working on multiple layers over the tenure of 6+ years, GRIP I.T. has successfully completed various projects of scale, while keeping their compliancy top of mind.   


Phase 1 

  • Perform an external audit for PIPEDA & HIPPA Compliancy  
  • Implement security, infrastructure & network changes per audit recommendations 


Phase 2 

  • Provide daily support for their team 
  • Manage & stabilize their Exchange platform for reliable uptime & service delivery 
  • Implement the foundations via hardware & planning for a BC/DR plan 
  • Provide support & development solutions for Bene New’s ERP software 


Phase 3 

  • Shut down all Canadian Locations – host all data ( user & network) in a virtual environment  
  • Successfully migrate the Canadian Office Data to the US for HIPPA compliancy 
  • Provide Hosted VoIP Telephony solutions 
  • Perform annual security audits 


I.T. Audit 

Data Backup  

Software Development & Middleware support 

Managed Services 


VoIP Telephony  

Hosted Exchange & Migration 



Virtual Office  

Data Migration  


GRIP I.T. was able to quickly eliminate the obvious pains that were affecting the firm's daily effectiveness and lay out a sustainable, long-term strategy needed to continue to protect their sensitive bio-research data and keep them able to operate at while keeping them in like with industry security solutions. Through the various stages of our relationship we were able to garner trust, facilitate revenue growth and have the owners focus on their core work, research not I.T.