Humber Nurseries

Technology Designed for a purpose


pivotal supplier and agri-business leader of all horticultural products in the GTA, Humber Nurseries is known in its industry for quality and vast array of earth products. As one of our longest tenure clients, this case study will focus on the vast history of our relationship. Over the span of 20 years, we have provided solutions of various scales, from POS, web development, backup & infrastructure redevelopment.   


How do you summarize a business relationship of over 20+ years, we were hard-pressed to find a single exact moment in time, rather we choose to look at the full tenure to chart the IT/IS growth path.  

 Year 1 - 5 

Initial audit & baseline infrastructure upgrade 

provide support services to their base line operations  

Hardware refreshes 

POS systems 

Network upgrades (firewall, switches & UPS) 

Years 6 – 10 

Humber Nurseries felt the impact of a huge sever disaster. One of their primary servers failed on a hardware level - during a long weekend. POS & Merchant tunnels were down, resulting in an financial loss of over $250,000/hour. Our tech team was fully deployed to the site to fix and remediate the down server. Post long weekend, Humber Nurseries tasked us with providing a solution that would resolve any down time and ensure that revenue would not be impacted.  We executed a high availability clustered environment such that there was no hardware failure to occur again 

 Year 10 - 15 

Assisted a new upgrade for the main application system 

Deployed a new POS system that connected their applications 

Provided online support for their website, through our data center operations (GRIP I.T. being the primary host, backend CMS)  

 Year 15-20 

Over the 55 acres made a wireless mesh network, for their wireless POS handhelds 

Full hardware refresh for endpoint POS terminals, Office workstations & server-side appliances  


Managed Services 

Hardware procurement 

VCIO Consulting  

BC / DR Planning 

Consulting Services 



During their peak seasons they rely heavily on their network to keep them at the top of their game, with retail revenue streams of $200,000+/Hour, they’ve trusted us to be on top of our game to provide rapid deployment and precise solutions. This user case looks the full spectrum of how tightly we like to integrate our IT/IS solutions. We strive to foster growth through our service delivery and I.T. planning to ensure that all client have the ability to focus on growth.