Williams HR Law

Database Corruption & Virus Intrusions


small-scale legal firm, operating in Richmond Hill began using an independent tech person to handle the company’s IT needs, it didn’t take long for things to go sour and for them to regret the decision.  GRIP I.T. was called in, when the independent contractor skill set wasn’t viable to handle the data catastrophe at hand. The system had incurred a host of problems including a virus attack, network intrusion, and SQL database corruption. We were tasked with the duties to bring the office back to operational status and deploy a security policy to ensure an attack of a similar nature wouldn’t occur again.  


Our team worked around the clock; the project was a of span of 3 straight days with 8 resources putting in a total of over 75 hours to bring the database & network back to the stable. Our plan was to stabilize the intrusion’s attack, bring the system resources to an operational condition & initiate a BC/DR plan 

  1. Stabilize the perimeter, a lack of a secure firewall & stringent policies was the cause of the attack. We were able to lock down the network and drive to contain the spread.  
  2. A Concurrent team was working on bring the SQL database back to life, as this was the backbone for the application ProLaw, a software used for their client files & billables. The table was fully corrupted and needed extensive support and testing to remediate the damage done from the intrusion. There were over 15 Databases that had to be restored and secured. We were able to successfully mitigate the data corruption and ensured minimal revenue loss.  
  3. Perimeter Safety & Endpoint protection was next. We installed a WatchGuard firewall with UTM (Unified Threat Management) and worked with management in reconfiguring the policies for the network to ensure all potential future threats would be captured. Additionally, Each workstation was set up with Antispyware, Anti Malware & Anti-virus software to capture any intrusions from the endpoint.  


Disaster Recovery 

Managed Firewall Services 

IT Audit 

Database Recovery Solutions 

BC/DR Planning 

Managed Service 

Data backup 


By assessing and testing Williams HR law’s security posture and controls across its people, technology and infrastructure, the company has significantly reduced the likelihood of a repeat successful cyber-attack.  

Williams HR enjoys a marked improvement in the security awareness of its employees. Before the project, majority of the network & userbase were susceptible to be compromised. Our network policies and security integration across all endpoints gave management gave management assurance that partnering with GRIP I.T. was a right choice for the firm. Post event, we were given additional business in providing managed support for their office & network.