Work Remotely, Empower Your Workforce, Stay Secure.

Our Exclusive Work From Home Package is Available Free for the First 30 Days and the Following 30 Days at a 50% Discount.

Special Work From Home Package for COVID-19


COVID-19 is impacting people and countries around the world, and organizations everywhere are moving to remote work. Here at GRIP I.T., just like you, we're encouraging our teams to work from home as much as possible. 

In an ongoing effort to help community members and clients, we're making our Work from Home Package available to as many people as possible to support public health and safety by keeping teams connected while they work apart.

And, because we want to make sure everyone has access to it during this time, we are giving the Work From Home Package:

>> Free for the first 30 days  <<
Following 30 days at 50% Discount


We provide you with a seamless transition to a secure remote workforce with cloud access to work from any location. The tools ensure maximum productivity and connectivity when you're interacting with customers and employees. We know that you and your team will depend on our tools for collaboration and getting work done on time. We take this responsibility seriously and provide adept services to stay up and running during impactful events like this. The package includes:

✔️ Integrated Web Conferencing

✔️ LiveChat features

✔️GFOLDER for Secure File Sharing and Collaboration 

✔️ Mobile Apps for employees to collaborate while working from home.


Remote Presence

Hosting Collaborative Meetings

Host instant virtual meetings with partners and employees, enjoying the benefits of face-to-face communication and collaboration. Attendees can join from desktop, web or mobile locations, allowing you the freedom of calling impromptu meetings, anytime.

Power Your Productivity

Access your Work Extensions and Work Documents From Anywhere

With GRIPTELL and GFOLDER, Android or iOS Apps, and its Web Client, you can take your office tohome with you. Answer calls from your office phone extension via your smartphone device and transfer to colleagues seamlessly without requiring customers to call another number.

Empower your team to securely collaborate on valuable content and projects without the complexity and risk of open access to a local file server

Elevate Customer Service

Connect with Users via LiveChat

Your customer support team can continue to offer the same level of support your customers expect, from the safety of their homes. With the Live Chat & Talk plugin, you can quickly and easily add live chat support, enabling customers to chat with your team and call your company in real-time

Elevate chat to voice or video call – Free of charge

  • Phone, Video and Chat from one interface
  • Secure collaboration from anywhere and across multiple devices
  • Cloud-enable existing file servers (File Server Enablement)
  • Secure Share links require authentication and provide audit trails
  • Continuous and real-time backup of files and folders
  • Custom or unlimited retention periods for backups, deleted files, and file revisions
  • Point-in-time absolute restores
  • Comprehensive usage reports and activity logs with real-time alerting

Working from home doesn’t mean you're isolated. Reassure employees they can be social, stay in touch with colleagues, and still help keep the business secure with tools and resources from GRIP I.T. If you need any help, we're always available to help you. Stay safe and secure.