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Data migration

How to successfully perform a SMB Data Migration

By Neil Damania | Feb 5, 2018

Data Migration Strategy & Guide – Data migation is not that difficult – just takes more planning then panic! If you’re preparing to replace or upgrade servers, conduct server maintenance, or relocate to a data center, following a data migration plan can streamline the process. Without one, there’s a high risk that, during the process…

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How To Transition to a New Managed Services Provider

By Neil Damania | May 2, 2017

  The relationship with your Managed Services Provider can encounter rough patches – there may be times when your current IT Managed Services provider leaves you feeling more frustrated than the peace of mind they promised. Sometimes, ending that relationship by walking away will save the company money & time. The lack of attention to…

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GRIP IT BLOG - Breakfix MSP Title

Managed Services vs Break/Fix Model (aka ‘the guy’)

By Neil Damania | Apr 3, 2017

  It’s been roughly a year for me in the Managed Services space and I have to say it is a most interesting industry. Equal parts challenge and reward.  Former colleagues of mine in the IT have told me it’s one of the most challenging sales environments in IT. ‘Michael you are in the business…

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disaster recovery title

Plan Ahead: Preventing a Business Disaster

By Sukaina Meghjee | Feb 28, 2017

What do you do when an employee clicks on an email or link that has a virus – do you have a plan?  Unfortunately, that is the reality which effects many companies.  How much time can your organization afford downtime?  The two most precious commodity is time and money which no company can afford to…

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managed service provider

Do I Really Need A Managed Service Provider?

By Neil Damania | Sep 9, 2016

  What is a Managed Service Provider (MSP)? Why does my company need a MSP? Questions of this nature come up all the time in meetings. Our account / sales team do a fantastic job of explaining the responsibilities to potential clients.  To understand the current state of the industry, we must look at the…

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Choosing the Best Power Protection

By Neil Damania | May 27, 2016

It’s been said that there are two types of computer users: those who have lost data because of a power problem, and those who are going to. Power failure and power surges are responsible for almost half of all data loss occurrences. Fortunately, it is relatively simple and inexpensive to protect against power problems. This…

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In House Exchange vs Hosted Exchange. Whats better for you?

By Neil Damania | May 9, 2016


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disaster recovery

What Happens When A Disaster Strikes Your Business?

By Neil Damania | Apr 8, 2016

Last week we discussed the importance of building and developing a full coverage Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP).  Choosing to collocate your data to a data center should be your next step. There are many benefits of choosing to collocate company data, the main one would be to help facilitate the DRP. Choosing a data storage…

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Disaster Recovery – Planning for Failure

By Neil Damania | Mar 24, 2016

  As a MSP for our clients, we often do not have days off. We have to plan for the unexpected; in our world it is always worst case scenario not best case. In new client discovery meetings we often find that the DRP plans is in motion, but not really implemented. As spring time…

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